About Us


Food has been the center of so many amazing memories. In my family, it’s pretty common when we plan a party to ask “who wants to make guac?”  It’s literally the perfect party food – fresh, delicious, sharable and comforting without regretting eating a little or A LOT!

After spending almost 15 years in the food business helping to grow and manage restaurant brands, I decided it was time to chase my dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Before I even set out, I was seeing green. Avocado green!  I love anything avocado, especially GUACAMOLE. I wanted to create something special that was both new and exciting, and a must-have at any get-together large or small (because getting together with great friends and great food is what I’m all about!)

At Guac Girl, we make guacamole, but that is hardly the whole story. The guacamoles we offer are made with a variety of unique, freshly-prepared ingredients like grilled pineapple, pomegranate seeds, grilled corn, crispy bacon and hot smoked salmon. Our guac serves as an appetizer or an entire meal and it’s all gluten-friendly with vegan-friendly options.

As a girl who’s been to all sorts of parties, festivals and special occasions, I know that finding a healthier option is tough. You can only get so excited about veggie sticks, am I right? Guac Girl truly brings the fun to healthy party food.

Thank you for being here and supporting Guac Girl. I hope we get to guac together soon!